Amphibia Genesis Sunglasses


The only high end sunglasses guaranteed to float, Amphibia Suglasses feature several water specific technologies and are the choice of professional stand up paddle boarder, Ethan Luppert. A failsafe solution for active lifestyles that require stellar fit, light weight, strength and (god forbid) the offhand opportunity to bob patiently in the waves due to unforseen circumstances. The cushy, rubberized Ti BridgeTM keeps’em stuck to your face, and those polarized polycarb lenses keep the sun out of your eyes.

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Superior Lenses & the Only High-End Buoyant Sunglasses on the Market

-TiBridge™ Technology uses titanium alloy encased in high-silicon rubber to provide a comfortable custom fit for your face, no matter the shape or size.

-AirCel™ Flotation Technology is what makes every pair of Amphibia frames truly suited for the life aquatic. Never lose a pair of sunglasses in the water again.

-100% Polarized, Waterphobic Polycarbonate Lenses provide crystal-clear vision in the brightest sunlight, while repelling water and snow on both sides.

-TR-90 Featherweight Frames use rugged TR-90 polymers and high-silicon rubber to fit just right, feel comfortable and to stay in place once they’re on your face.


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